ROUND TWELVE | Top Insights: Formal lenders are filling the gap While social networks continue to be the top source of finance for borrowers

ROUND THIRTEEN | Top Insights: Business footfall declining, supply of goods still an issue despite border opening.

ROUND FOURTEEN | Top Insights: Household financial situations are still dire, but appear to be less severe in the last 30 days.

ROUND FIFTEEN | Top Insights: Unemployment has declined to the lowest level in six months.

ROUND SIXTEEN | Top Insights: Vulnerability is improving In the last four rounds, we’ve seen the ‘extremely vulnerable’

ROUND SEVENTEEN | Top Insights: Clients are slowly indicating an improved ability to pay their loans.

ROUND EIGHTEEN | Top insights: Unsurprisingly, impact and lockdown were closely correlated.

ROUND ONE TO EIGHTEEN | Top Insights: Impact on Income The severity of the impact on households' income decreased in the past round from the peak we saw in round 10.