Top Insights

Vulnerability & concern levels rising: GEEP clients are more concerned – 80% in Round 2 versus 73% in Round 1, appear slightly more vulnerable – 55% to 49%, and appear slightly more likely to report a significant decrease in income – 68% to 62%.

Continued impacts on supply and demand: 93% saw a decline in income, and 68% say their challenge is due to a reduction in the number of customers. Roughly a third are struggling to access supplies or inputs.

There are signs of resilience and strong social networks. 77% reported using savings to support their family – access to savings (versus e.g having to rely on a loan) indicates level of resilience. Furthermore, clients appear to have strong social networks which are stepping in. Among those who have recently borrowed money to cope, most took it from a family member or friend. 72% also report turning to friends and family for help with their business.