INTERIM REPORT | Top Insights: This report features data at mid-point of this project, after eight rounds of data collection and 4,940 interviews.

ROUND ONE | Top Insights: COVID-19 has proved overwhelming for GEEP clients. 95% of the clients say they are concerned about COVID-19

ROUND TWO | Top Insights: Vulnerability & concern levels rising GEEP clients are more concerned – 80% in Round 2 versus 73% in Round 1

ROUND THREE | Top Insights: It’s still a mixed bag for business owners. Businesses have been reopening, likely due to easing of lockdowns nationally in Nigeria

ROUND FOUR | Top Insights: Concern has held steady the proportion who say they are concerned about the COVID-19

ROUND FIVE | Top Insights: Businesses are opening at a steady rate, but customers still aren’t coming back.

ROUND SIX | Top Insights: Different sectors are being affected by COVID-related challenges in different ways.

ROUND SEVEN | Top Insights: The overall experience for clients seems to be gradually improving.

ROUND EIGHT | Top Insights: Vulnerability remains high across the board: Vulnerability has slightly improved

ROUND NINE | Top Insights: Businesses continue to face challenges on both the demand and supply side.

ROUND TEN | Top Insights: The Festive season was good for business but had a mixed impact on households.

ROUND ELEVEN | Top Insights: Decrease in savings. It appears as though, potentially to manage the holiday’s needs, households