Top insights

Vulnerability remains high across the board: Vulnerability has slightly improved since the beginning of data collection, from 51% considered ‘extremely vulnerable’ in August to 47% now, but there was a decrease in round 8 of clients considering ‘coping’ and an increase in the most vulnerable category. This aligns with slight worsening of saving and financial situations in round 8, compared to round 7. All major sectors (production, retail, agriculture, service) continue to report similar vulnerability scores.
Finances have worsened slightly: Clients who reported a very much decreased level of savings due to the pandemic increased again from a low of 58% in round 7 to 64% in round 8. In conjunction, 88% of clients still report a ‘slightly worse’ or ‘very much worse ‘financial situation’, underscoring long lasting effects of the pandemic.
A note on gender segmentation. In round 8, we reached 50% female and male client versus an average of 53% female in prior rounds. Males are slightly more likely to be MarketMoni clients, but may also report higher likelihood or ‘extremely vulnerable’ scores and worse financial situations. Some of the worsening in financial situations and vulnerability may be attributed to the gender distribution of the round’s sample. Nonetheless, other signs of financial uncertainty, including savings impact, worsened for both genders.