GEEP (Government Enterprise Empowerment program) is Africa’s largest microcredit infrastructure, built to provide financial inclusion and access to microcredit for Nigerians at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

In order to understand the impact of COVID – 19 pandemic on the lives and businesses of GEEP’s beneficiaries, 60 Decibels was commissioned to conduct a COVID-19 Impact Assessment Survey Exercise. The survey was rolled out in a series of 18 rounds of outbound phone surveys/interviews over 36 weeks (one survey round every two weeks) from August 2020 to May 2021.

Hosted here are the key insights generated from approximately 237 hours of interviews with business owners across various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

We hope the data and insights from this extensive primary research exercise are helpful to you and your organization in your work to impact the bottom of pyramid commercial actors across Nigeria.